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Checklist: How to Work with Us

Filming Checklist

This list will give you a clear picture of each step required to ensure that your production is coordinated in a complete and timely manner.

9+ Days Prior to the Shoot:

8+ Days Prior to the Shoot:

  • Review our Fees and Guidelines
  • Schedule an appointment to scout the areas in which you are interested
    If you would like for us to perform a preliminary availability check of specific locations for your anticipated shoot date, please let us know. You can reach us at 213-740-6951.

7+ Days Prior to the Shoot:

  • Complete the USC Campus Filming Application.
    No area will be held until we have your application on file. Priority is based on the time of receipt of the application. If a second request comes in for the same day(s) as you have requested, we will require a non-refundable deposit equal to a full day rate of the challenging production. If you do not cancel, this deposit will appear as a credit on your final invoice.
  • Send the following to your USC Filming Liaison:
    • the completed application
    • a complete shooting script or storyboard
      (The script/storyboard must be approved by the Campus Filming Office before final approval can be given.)

6+ Days Prior to the Shoot:

  • Wait for a preliminary approval from the USC Campus Filming Office
    (normally takes 1-3 working days). During this time, we will complete the following:

    • check availability of the location(s) requested
    • put a preliminary hold on the areas and dates requested
    • review script for proper content
    • check for any other events scheduled in any of the surrounding areas that might cause a noise problem
    • find out what parking is available near your location
    • ensure that personnel is available to work the shoot
  • Set up a tech scout (once you have been given preliminary approval).
    A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to set up a time for this scout. Please click here for more information on what to bring to the tech scout. Once the University has approved everything discussed during the tech scout, you will then be notified that your shoot has been approved. Approval to film should not be assumed until you are given final approval by a liaison from the Campus Filming Office.

3+ Days Prior to the Shoot:

  • Submit a detailed timeline to your filming liaison
    Detail the arrival and departure times of every production vehicle coming onto campus, as well the estimated times (prep, shoot and wrap) of each location.
  • An estimate of fees will be completed by your filming liaison and emailed to you
    The estimate of fees will give you a detailed breakdown of fees to be incurred, as well as the amount for which your deposit check should be written.

1+ Day Prior to the Shoot:

  • Your filming liaison will email to you a production contract for your review and signature
    If you need a blank copy sooner to submit to your legal department, a sample contract is available here.) We will not make any changes to a contract within 24 hours prior to a shoot.
  • Please bring your filming liaison the following items:
    • signed contract and addendum
    • deposit check (amount on estimate of fees)
      USC’s Federal ID is 95-164-2394
    • insurance certificate
    • copy of L.A. County film permit
    • fire permit and tent permits (if applicable)