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Campus Filming Production Fee

This fee (in addition to an executed production contract) grants you a license to film on the USC campus, and includes one USC Campus Filming liaison to assist you during all aspects of production, including pre-production scouting, walk-throughs, tech scouts, and day-of management. These fees are charged from the arrival of the first production vehicle to the departure of the last production vehicle. All other fees, including location rental fees, USC location representatives (for Doheny Library or Lyon Center for instance), security, etc. are separate.

  • Still Photography: $250/hour
  • Internet Spot/Industrial: $325/hour
  • Television/Web Series: $500/hour
  • Commercial/Music Video/Mini-Series/Movie-of-the-Week: $575/hour
  • Feature Film: $700/hour
  • Spec. Spot/Documentary/PSA: Rate based crew size
  • Prep/Strike Day: 50% of the applicable production fee

Location Rental Fees

Some locations below require site representatives that are billed at an additional hourly rate.

-Fees are subject to change without notification.-

Interior Locations

  • Bovard Auditorium: $750/hour, plus personnel
  • Classroom/Lecture Hall: $200/hour
  • Town and Gown (ballroom/formal dining room): Quote available upon request
  • Libraries: Quote available upon request

Athletic Facilities

  • Baseball Stadium: $2,500 (up to four hours), $5,000 (four + hours)
  • Basketball Gym: $3,150/day (large); $1,500/day (small)
  • Jones Football Practice Field (no bleachers): $1,500/day
  • Brittingham (Intramural) Field: $1,200/day
  • Pools:
    • Dive: $1,000 (up to four hours), $2,000 (four + hours), plus personnel
    • Olympic: $1,500 (up to four hours), $3,000 (four + hours), plus personnel
    • Indoor: $1,800/day, plus personnel
  • Racquetball Courts – Newer: $180/day
  • Racquetball Courts – Older: $75/day
  • Tennis Stadium: $1,500 (up to four hours), $3,000 (four + hours)
  • Soccer Field: $2,500 (up to four hours), $5,000 (four + hours)
  • Loker Stadium/Cromwell Field (track and field) : $2,500 (up to four hours), $5,000 (four + hours)
  • Beach Volleyball: $1,500 (up to four hours), $3,000 (four + hours)
  • Galen Center (basketball/volleyball arena): Quote available upon request

Exterior Locations

  • Walkways: $78 – $192/hour
  • Parks and Grass Quads: $78 – $192/hour
  • Plazas and Courtyards: $78 – $192/hour

Personnel Fees

  • Campus Filming Liaison: The services of one liaison are included in Campus Filming production fee (pre-production, prep/day/post production) and is billed headlights to tail lights on each production day.
  • Additional Liaison: $75/hour overtime rates apply after 8 hours (needed if production is over 50 people or utilizing more than one location)
  • USC Security: $45/hour (unarmed officer), $65/hour (armed officer)
  • Site Representative: $35/hour (applicable if a location requires that a member of their own staff be present during filming)
  • Lifeguard: $15-$20/hour (at least two guards are required when filming in or around a swimming pool)

Parking Fees

  • Parking spaces: $14/vehicle
  • On-campus open space: $14/vehicle
  • Metered spaces: $60/meter per day
  • Yellow zones: $50/day
  • Red zone: $75/day
  • Gate attendant (required outside of regular gate hours): $35/hour

Facilities and Maintenance (FMS) Fees

FMS fees will be charged for any facilities/maintenance-related work including fountain and light control, pedestrian barricade rental, bathroom cleaning/restocking, etc. Production must request services via your filming liaison at least 72 hours prior to the first day of production. Our office can provide a list of services and corresponding rates upon request.

Cancellation Fee

A fee equal to 50% of all Campus Filming-related fees (prep/strike, production, rush, personnel) will be charged if the cancellation occurs after the contract has been signed or within four business days of the scheduled production (excluding weekends), regardless of if a contract is in affect or not. If the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the scheduled production, all fees will be billed at 100%. In either case, if any location has been reserved or any departmental personnel booked (aside from those within the Campus Filming office), those fees will be billed at their full rate.

Rush Fees

Application: In order to ensure that all approvals are received and that your shoot is arranged to your expectations, we required that a fully completed application be submitted to our office no less than seven business days prior to the first day or prep day or filming. If you submit your application within seven days of prep or filming, a rush fee equal to 10% of your Campus Filming Production Fee will be assessed.

Tech Scout: We require that a final tech scout be done no less than four business days prior to the first day of prep or filming. If your tech occurs later than this deadline, a rush fee equal to 10% of your Campus Filming Production Fee will be assessed.

FMS Requests: All USC Facilities and Maintenance Services (FMS) related requests must be submitted no less than 72 hours prior to the first day of prep or filming. Any FMS-related requests received after this deadline will be subject to a $75 rush fee per request.