USC in Film and TV

Here you will find some of the films, TV shows, commercials, print ads and PSAs that we have been proud to be a part of over the last 75 years.

Did you recognize USC?

USC has strong historical ties to the film industry in Los Angeles and Southern California. The university reviews and approves a variety of location shoots, film productions and photo shoots on campus for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In most instances (unless the university provides specific consent), the use of USC’s names, logos, etc. is not permitted.

However, on occasion, places, buildings and people may be recognized or perceived as part of USC or the USC campus even though they are portrayed as fictitious or not otherwise identified as belonging to USC. The portrayals, views and perspectives expressed or shown in these productions are solely those of the producers and do not necessarily reflect the views and perspectives of the university or any people or units within the university.